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Working with WordPress for over 10 years.

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I had been designing and developing websites for over 25 years. Years ago I decided to use WordPress as my website platform of choice. Whether you are a beginner or have managed your own website for years, I have the skills to guide you through the options and functions for creating / improving your website!

I will help YOU take control so you can build trust for your product and guide your visitors to take action.

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Chana Veffer

As the new marketing manager for a busy law firm, one of my first jobs was to rebrand the firm and redesign the company website. I could not have done it without Steve! He taught me how to edit the copy, make blog posts, add links and upload videos and pictures. He is so patient and positive and encouraged me every step of the way. I’m so grateful to him for empowering me and giving me the confidence to do a great job. Thank You, Steve!

Looking for webmaster who can update and maintain a website. Whether its for you or for one of your clients, sites do require maintenance. As the different programs are updated (be it on the host or the plugins on your own site), conflicts can and do arise and your site can become inaccessible. Of course there is also backups and security to take care of…. I have years of experience in the hundreds of sites I have developed over the years, from the small personal websites, to the professional and including corporate sites.

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Linda Bracha CEO

Steve has been creating and developing our websites for the last 25+ years. He as adapted, modified and recreated our sites as both users and technology has changed

Perhaps your site has been up for a few years and its now showing it age.

I can additional functionality, if that is what is need, perhaps its slowing down, I can help with that as well.

Send me your site so I can take a look at it and offer a few options.

Michael Ravid CEO

We have been working with Steve for over 20 years now. He has been our "go to guy" for brochures, posters, flyers and of course our website.

Our first site with Steve lasted over 10 years, solid programming and a solid design. When it came time to "modernize" we once again turned to Steve, who as always, came through.

There are several reasons for creating brand new website. It maybe a rebranding issue It could be that the previous site was expensive to create and expensive to maintain The new content just won’t fit the old design
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Jay Hait Lawyer

We brought Steve Spinner in to build our new website. Not only did he create it, he expertly trained our marketing manager, giving her the skills she needs to use her own creative input and maintain the website, in house.

I highly recommend Steve as a web designer and a great teacher.

In less than 15 minutes you can create a post including an original graphic header.

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Need Some Help in WordPress?

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