I’m Steve
the Owner

I’ve been designing for over 25 years. Starting off  as a Freelancer, having a “Brick & Mortar Office and now, a Virtual Office. There is a lot of experience there, of which my clients get to take advantage of.

It can be difficult to choose a graphic designer / website creator. Perhaps my FAQ's below will help.

I've been designing for over 25 years. With vast experience in design: from print projects to animation, to presentation and of course websites.

My cliental is within the SMB (small to medium business) circle. From freelancers working from home to the small businesses. Neither group needs nor can afford a marketing company, they hire me.

Lots of it. I've been involved with Digital Marketing since its inception and its never standing still. If I can't solve something, my network can.

I spent 3 months working at an SEO company called AIMs (now an integral part of my network). There I learned how Google looks at sites, how it "grades them" for its organic engine placement (always changing). 

My websites now use this knowledge as I minimize resources use, maximize title tags with content and many other aspects that affect Googles Search Engine Placement.

Google's Search Engine is a moving target. If your concerned with your sites SEO (search engine optimization) and have limited funds, you might be tempted by those super cheap SEO companies. BAD IDEA. They may show you some nice graphs, you might even move up in the short period using a few tricks, and then you might just get Black Listed by Google.


You don't want to piss off Google.