Job Search: Database Programmer

We are looking for a database programmer for one of our projects. The site is on line with a database that is now old and out of date…see below.

What we are looking to do:

1 )  update the content tabs in the backend for an increased amount of content (subjects <10 more)

2 ) enlarge the “input management” form (pdf below) for this increased amount of content for both trays and lidding

3 ) revised the search window on the website:

trays: simple search, and an option for a more definitive search

lidding: minimum search window (graphically)

4) modify the search results graphically

5) Mobile:  modify graphically and amount of info for the results on mobile

6 )additional detail button: modify graphically the final results of the chosen tray and place in additional information

7) printing; when choosing printing the results will be a pdf that can be printed and has the attached graphic design (pdf below)

If this project is relevant, feel free to call me