Logo Design

Time to tell a secret, how logos are designed. There are those that spend $100,000 on a logo as did Steve Jobs for his NEXT logo and others that just pay $35 (Nike). The logo for all of the emphases that is put on it while the designer is getting the “brief”, doesn’t really mean that much. Its the marketing that comes with it that really makes the logo worth something. The two obvious examples are both Microsoft and Apple. Microsoft is simply the name using italic letters with a few nuances, and Apple, well anybody know what the connection of an apple is to computers and why it has bite taken out of it?


There is one thing that is needed however, inspiration, something to get the design juices flowing. Afterall its is design and no matter what you come up with you still have to sell it to the client.


One example a few years ago…..I had a logo to design, the client’s company was multilayered and that was the brief. So I sat down in my office and sketched a few things, checked out google for some ideas and really didn’t come up with anything that I really liked. And really that’s what designing a logo is all about, something that we like. Forget “the list”, this is when the client comes along and says their logo must show”



  1. strength
  2. forward thinking
  3. sensitivity
  4. attention to detail
  5. technology friendly
  6. eco friendly


The longer the list is, the less it will be understood, after all the logo is for many many different people and we all interpret things differently especially complicated symbols. It really comes down to, at best either a single idea the represents the company or just a cool graphic that everyone likes or at least what the boss likes.



That said I was a bit stuck on this design and anyway I had to go to back to the reserves.  I took my sketch pad hoping that something good will come out of this little diversion. Well on one of the patrols there were 3 of us in the jeep, the Bedouin tracker (in the pict he is the one that is sleeping with his feet up, naturally) and another american who was having a hard time fitting in… I was inspired. We were three “layers” that are the interlocking “wheels” that became the basis for the logo (don’t try to figure out how I got there, my brain doesn’t work in a linear fashion).

So that gave me the structure, but I still needed color. It happens that we also had a patrol not on the border but in the Negev and there the colors of the red rock are “awe inspiring”


The client loved the idea and so it became his logo. Granted you may have a hard time going from the top two picts to the logo on the bottom, but the process of inspiration is not simple.


And I have a new page on my site, and there you can find a few logos that I designedclick here