Our Marketing Audit:

Have you been investing in your marketing and are you unhappy with your results or not sure what your results should be? DO you feel you are ready to upgrade your marketing efforts and not sure where or how to invest your time and efforts? The S&Y Index® is the answer.

Before taking that next step or making changes in your marketing plan that may not be effective or beneficial, we offer a professional assessment of your marketing efforts. Our assessment includes a comprehensive marketing audit, including an online valuation and in-company review process.

We examine your:

  • Website Platform and back office
  • Google standing
  • SEO
  • Content and graphics
  • Social media presence
  • Social media channels
  • Frequency of posts
  • Social media activity
  • Content and graphics
  • Business goals and target markets
website audit studio spinner

Following our assessment we will present a thorough appraisal of your status in an easy-to-follow graphic representation, including our S&Y Index, conclusions and recommendations.