Mobile Scrolling vs Desktop Clicking

This post is for those who actually use their websites for commercial reasons, what I do. And since I design those very websites I thought that perhaps its time for a short interesting lesson  on the differences between the mobile and desktop (laptop).


To begin with, on mobile our preference is to scroll, its faster and more natural than opening up a menu that covers part of the mobile screen and looking for something. On the desktop, our hand is one the mouse so we are “ready to click” ready to open up the menus on top.


I have attached two screen shots, one of my mobile which has a simple screen with a single click to send the user, where I want them to go (if your one of those 50% who are now on mobile, this is the page it goes to).


You’ll notice that on the mobile image here its more “business like” the space is at a premium so I get right down to the relevant information of who I am, whereas on the desktop, I get to “play” with my cool graphics to “show off.


If your interested in me taking a look at your site and its mobile version, obviously get in touch with me.