Taking care of the IDF reservist…..

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Having done many years of reserve duty (as those who have read my blog can testify to), I have a soft spot for reservists who have to get work finished but find themselves in the most non opportune time on some border somewhere.

And so it was,  years ago. My client received a call up to report for duty even though he originally was excused from it,  and he had an exhibition coming up in the States and we had work that had to get to done.

He did have a laptop but communication wasn’t so great he clearly having trouble concentrating on the graphic work that I was proposing. Part of the problem being his eratic hours. He was on the Egyptian /Israeli border. This was the period of Bedouin smugglers, the immigration of those who came from africa was just beginning as well as the usual false alarms, so he was quite busy and hard to pin down.

It was clear to me that we were going to have to meet and simply hash this out, He was stationed in a small base, so it wouldn’t be a problem for me to arrive, and setup a small office there (I had spend many hours on that very base in the past).

After about an 6 hour drive I arrived to the base in the desert and set up shop in the commanders office (it was the only air conditioned room).

We were both aware that the army isn’t known for keeping to any particular set of plans and the Egyptians and local hamasnik and friends were not to be trusted,  I may actually end up in the middle of something….so I was given a weapon and uniform – so totally illegal. So there I was doing some graphic work for my client, in the commanders office  while he was out on patrols, setting up ambushes and looking for Bedouin smugglers. When he returned we would review the work and I would then modify it while he took a nap or prepared for his next mission.

The surroundings were at least  familiar to me and comfortable and it all went pretty smooth actually. We did lose one day of work however. It seems they captured some Bedouin smugglers who were smuggling in marijuana (grass) and they were told to burn it, so they did, in the middle of the base…..that was not so conducive to getting any work done.