The Registered Letter….

Ever get a note that a registered letter is waiting for you? Up to now I would receive notices of registered letters either from the Army or from Tel Aviv (for a parking ticket). On the notice its always written where it was from, so I usually knew what was waiting for me.

but not this time….it was from Jerusalem. I took the notice from my Post Office Box on Saturday, that gave me a full 24 hours to wonder who and why. As far as I was concerned there weren’t that many options. I hadn’t been in Jerusalem for over a year, so that ruled out parking tickets. Perhaps some bureaucracy is sending me some form to fill out? That seem like a long shot. Jerusalem is the capital of the country where the govt sits, so that means the govt is looking for me and the only reason to send me something like that is the Israeli Internal Revenue Service.


Now as all firms I have an accountant for taxes, but like the insurance you never really know if they are any good until you need them. I assume my accountant is up to date on the tax laws, fills out the various forms properly and in time…and then I sign on  the bottom knowing full well that I have no idea if what he has been doing for the full year has been correct or not. I assume so, but still one never really knows.


My Saturday was hardly a day of rest.. Sunday morning comes and I’m first in line at the post office. I give Shimon (the clerk) my notice, he looks through the registered  letters, finds mine and says ” Spinner, your in trouble (ok, my heart just stopped), and then he finishes the sentence, its from the police (my heart starts working again). Its from the police :),  whatever they want from me, it can’t be that bad, I haven’t robbed anybody, killed anybody, run over anybody…). I open it up and its a speeding ticket taken from an automatic camera. I paid the fine happily…


I’m sure there is as phobia for letters from the Internal Revenue Service world wide, perhaps there is a therapy group I should join. After that little experience, I realized that I prefer getting shot at, then getting letters from gov’t.

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