Steve Spinner - Owner
Digital Marketing: Websites, Presentations, Catalogs...

Digital Marketing Since 1998

Graphic Design • Logos • Brochures • Catalogs • Posters • Presentations • Websites • Ecommerce • SEO • Trade Show Posters • Rollups and more

With a graduate degree in design from the University of Michigan (USA), I have been designing since 1989. As one of the earliest adaptors in Israel to the “desktop technology,” I found himself being requested to teach at the Technion, as well as to consult to some of Israel’s and the worlds major high-tech companies in graphic design, hardware and software.

My designs (and their production) have since been used throughout the world, be they the company logo of a multi million dollar company or simply a flyer for a local start-up. In between the two are website designs, posters, packaging and anything else that requires visual representation” to explain or sell a product.


Michael, our IT / Security Guy

Nadejda, Photography and Photoshop Specialist

marketing graphics

Yochi / Social Media

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Ron / AIMS – Internet Marketing

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