When Your WebSite
Needs Outgrows WIX…

israel website design wix

Nothing is constant on the internet, the internet changes, google changes its rules, businesses grow and have different needs. Many start off their initial websites using WIX. WIX is a great beginner platform, but eventually its closed system becomes too limiting.

Moving from Wix to WordPress

We’ve taken many WIX websites and have recreated them on WordPress. This is a more professional platform without the design limitations of WIX. We will help you move the Domain Name over, help you with your new hosting environment, set up your email account so that nothing is lost, or create for you a professional email using your domain name. Most important is Google Analytics. We will redesign your site using what’s called Google Smart programming. This leaves the option for Google Smart use of terms, metatags, titles for your advancement in Googles Organic Search Engine.